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Gaslow Brochures

More details about the Gaslow system can be found in the PDF brochures available on the downloads page.

Significant Savings

Autogas or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), is widely available at filling stations in the UK and throughout Europe, and can be up to 50% cheaper than bottled gas. With a set of adapters it is possible to travel throughout Europe without fear of running out of gas. Adapters are available for French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Belgian, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Greek, Southern Irish and Italian cylinders.

Gaslow refillable cylinders are made in two sizes to replace the commonly available 6 Kg and 11 Kg exchange cylinders. A wide range of adapters, valves and switches is available, not only to suit Gaslow cylinders but to improve existing installations. For example, an automatic changeover valve added to a two cylinder set-up avoids the struggle when the gas runs out - especially on the old-style propane bottles - with an ill-fitting spanner on a reverse-threaded regulator, usually at night, in the rain, when dinner’s half-cooked!

Dick Lane Motorhomes is an authorised Gaslow distributor and fitter. We can install systems in new or used motorhomes, or modify existing installations with upgraded regulators, gauges, changeover valves or steel hoses.

Gaslow Refillable Cylinders for Autogas/LPG

Gas for motorhome and caravan use has traditionally been supplied in exchange cylinders; the empty one is swapped for a full one. This involves disconnecting the gas supply, hauling the empty cylinder out of the locker,

replacing the full one, then re-connecting the supply pipes. Anyone travelling in Europe will discover that UK gas bottles can not be exchanged outside the UK.

Gaslow cylinders stay in the locker and are refilled with Autogas through a filler point fitted into the body of the motorhome. Filling the cylinders is just like filling a car with petrol. No more lifting heavy cylinders into a tight-fitting locker and no fiddly pipes or regulators to fit.

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For more information call 01274 661 441.

Brochures can be downloaded from the downloads page.

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